Access control is one of the most important elements of security systems. Due to the technological development of access control has been applied in everyday life, not only in systems which require a high level of security.

The purpose of the system is selectively limitations of access to areas in need of control, ie. entry or passage only to authorized persons. This provides data on allowed to pass, Alarm, and other activities.

SAccess control system serves to protect the complete business facilities, as well as protecting certain areas such as:

  • server room
  • archival facilities
  • Storage
  • Safes
  • management-control room ...

Great advantages such as access control, which is an unauthorized attempt to enter each record, each user has a unique card which enables control and monitoring of their activities. Any changes in the programming of the system are quick and easy.

  • Each access control system has the following elements:
  • VAT ID element (ID card, fingerprint, etc.).
  • Reader indentifikacionog element (card reader, fingerprint, iris ...)
  • Controller for data communication with the reader and a controller that the connection between the controllers and the server with the database. Most often, these two elements are already in the reader.
  • Automatic doors, a ramp or a similar element of protection
  • System management software

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